In the fall of 2010, nine pharmacy professional organizations formed the Pharmacy HIT Collaborative ( representing over 250,000 members, including seven associate members from other pharmacy related organizations.  The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative’s founding organizations represent pharmacists in all patient care settings and other facets of pharmacy, including pharmacy education and pharmacy education accreditation. The Collaborative’s Associate Members represent e-prescribing networks, a standards development organization, transaction processing networks, pharmacy companies, system vendors and other organizations that support pharmacists’ services. The following year the Collaborative published “The Roadmap for Pharmacy Health Information Technology Integration in U.S. Health Care” ( outlining goals, objective and strategies pharmacists as an industry should follow through 2015.  This year the Collaborative vision, mission and strategic focus is around Pharmacists’ clinical role in health information technology (HIT) through access, connectivity and quality. 

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative strongly supports the work of the Pharmacy Home Project.